The importance of daily Bible reading cannot be over-emphasized in this end of times, when the LORD has said through his apostle: “he that  thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall  (1 Corinthians 10:12), and you can only take heed by the word.  Thus the Psalmist asserts that for a young man to cleanse his way he has to take heed according to the Word of God (Psalms 119:9).  You as a child of God cannot afford to live careless and loose without the discipline and guidance that comes from the Word of God.              

Herein, therefore, I lay out the different plans for effective daily Bible reading, for all ages, for all categories of Christians.   You will find a suitable plan for your Bible reading need in this volume; you will also find some that will challenge you to a higher and deeper commitment.

Each plan comes with a brief description of who may use it, target duration, and a few vital statistics to let you know what you are doing.  Persons of all ages – those that can read, and those that need others to read for them – are adequately catered for here.

I therefore sincerely invite you to make yourself a commitment that will bring great wealth to your innermost being; a commitment that will enrich the fountain of life within you, that will purify you inside out and cause the spring of living waters in your belly to flow out freely, to bless and quench the thirst of the wandering ones all around you.  Welcome to a new season with new zeal and new commitment to effective Bible reading!





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