The idea of this Club is to encourage Christians, especially young persons: * to utilize every idle, waiting moment, such as the time spent in the toilet, in reading portions of Scripture to obey the instruction of Proverbs 4:21a “Let it not depart from thine eyes”. * To follow systematic Target Plans suitable for different age groups to read through the entire Bible. * To love the Word of God and carry portions of it about for reading all the time. * To acquire a sound knowledge of the Word of God which is only achievable through committed reading and study thereof. The main Aim of the Club is to cultivate and inculcate the habit of consistent, systematic daily Bible Reading in all the Children and Teenagers of this Generation. It will also assist the older youths and adults as they reach out to benefit withal. MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES The Club membership is categorized as follows: 1. Juniors Ages 6 – 10 years 2. Middlers Ages 11 – 13 years 3. Teens Ages 13 – 17 years 4. Seniors Ages 17 – 20 years 5. Adults Ages 20 – 25 years Beyond age 25, there shall be no formal admission into the Club, but interested adults shall be assisted with relevant Bible Reading materials to meet their individual needs and aspirations. For further information, details of Club Registration and membership requirements shall be published in the next post. In the meantime, I would like you to indicate your interest in registering and/or getting your young ones registered in the Club. Send your response to any of my emails: and or send your information through the form.

I will be pleased to furnish you with Registration Materials. Be blessed. Ann



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