Before I came across the Bible App “PC Study Bible”, which can automatically calculate and schedule Bible reading targets on custom settings, I used to work manually, literally counting verses of Scripture, adding and dividing to have my daily reading portions.  The following statistics could be of help if you need to do any similar study or work.  It could also serve some Quiz questions as well as it is good for general knowledge and appreciation of our Bible, having at hand the number of chapters, books, verses, words and even letters, etc. that make up our King James Bible.

1.  Books of the Bible:    The Old Testament consists of 39 books, the New Testament – 27 books, and the entire Bible is made up of 66 books.

2.  Chapters of the Bible:   Old Testament – 929 chapters; New Testament – 260 chapters; entire Bible – 1,189 chapters.

3.  Verses of the Bible:  Old Testament – 23,214 verses; New Testament – 7,959 verses; entire Bible – 31,173 verses.

4. Words of the Bible (According to King James Version):  Old Testament – 592,439; New Testament – 181,253 words.  Add that to have total words in the King James Bible.

5.  Letters of the Bible (According to King James Version):  Old Testament – 2,728,100; New Testament – 838,380 letters.  Add that to have total letters that make up the words, verses, chapters and books of the entire King James Bible.

6.  Next Post will be on Book by Book at a Glance; consisting of the breakdown of the number of chapters, verses and words in each book of the Bible.


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